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  1. Scientific: Nephelium lappaceum.



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Rambutan is one of famous tropical fruit with sweet and crispy taste. In recent years, Vietnam can supply rambutan whole year around. It is better than Indonesia or Thailand when farmers know how to make unseasonable fruit.

There are some varieties of Rambutan in Vietnam including: Java, Thai and Nhan…But Java  is exported with largest quantity because of reasonable price and good quality.

With shelf life is not long as other fruit, rambutan often shipped by air to USA, Middle East…

  1. Quick Details


Product name RAMBUTAN
Variety Thai and Java
Taste Sweet and crispy
Hair Green hair
Packing 1 or 2 kgs/ carton or buyer’s request
Selected Carefully, cleaned
Certificate Vietgap/ globalgap
Shelf life 7-15 days
Shipping Within 1-2 days after receive your deposit
Origin Viet Nam
Payment term TT 60/40

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