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Ginger for Exporting


    1. Scientific: Zingiber officinale (Wild)
  • General introduction

There are 2 types of ginger to be grown in Vietnam including: Fat and thin. But fat ginger is exported with largest quantity. It is suited in the market needs.

Now Ginger farms have area of 20 ha, And we also league with farmers, buy their final products. Every month we have exported 20 containers over the world. There are Korea, Maldives, UAE, EU,…

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  1. Quick Details


Product name GINGER
Color Yellow & Brown
Size 150 gram up
Taste Hot
Type Fat, thin
Packing 10kgs/ carton/mesh bag or 30kgs/net 14Mts/ RF cont 20’; 26MTs/ RF cont 40’
Selected Carefully, cleaned, no scratched
Temperature 5oC, ventilation: 85 %  –  95 %
Shipping Within 7-10 days after receive your deposit or original LC
Origin Viet Nam
Payment term TT 30/70 or LC at sight


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